New Sunday School Class – Bitesize Theology

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what Christianity is all about?  I mean, can you explain to someone what the words “Salvation”, “Justification” or “Grace” means for a (dare I say it) theological perspective?  Maybe you have tried to explain your beliefs to a friend but struggled in the process.  Well, there is no better teacher than the Holy Spirit, and with His help we will begin a study that will help you not only understand these concepts and more, but you will also be able to explain them to others.

A new Sunday School class (taught by the Pastor) will begin on Sunday,  15 April at 10:00am.  Please be in prayer and let me know if you would like to (or know anyone who would like to) attend.  We will be using the book, “Bitesize Theology” by Peter Jeffery for our curriculum.  The course will be interactive (discussion oriented where you get to comment and ask questions).  Some examples of the segments will cover Christian faith principles such as: God, Jesus, sin, grace, redemption, justification, election, eternal security to name a few.

This class is targeted for 20s and 30s folks, but this will not be exclusive.  Please just give me a call if interested.

God Bless,

Pastor Robert Perrin

Bitesize Theology: An ABC of the Christian Faith

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