Pastor Guy Stockslager

God has called both of us from families who were blessed by being Christian.  My father was a deacon and church leader, Sunday School teacher, and lay preacher for many years.  He still follows Christ today.  Sue’s parents were involved in many Baptist churches as Pastor and wife from the 1940s until the new century.  Sue’s dad pastored in New York, New Jersey ad New England for over 60 years.  Both of Sue’s parents and my mom have gone on to glory and we rejoice in knowing they are in heave today.

We graduated from Baptist Bible College, I graduated in ’75 and Sue in ’76.  We started in a small church in Vermont staying there 5 years.  Then God called us to the Christian school ministry in New York where we stayed for five years.  In 1985 we returned to New England and served as the Director of Camp Northfield, Northfield MA. After five years there God called into the pastoral ministry again, this time at Calvary Baptist Church in Turners Falls VA.  By 2005 God called again, this time leading us to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes.  We worked there together in a variety of jobs until 2010. But in 2011 I took the job of Church Relations Coordinator, so Sue began to do substitute teaching at Liberty Christian Academy.

That leads me to the present day.  We live in Rustburg, and sometime soon we’ll have a church event when you can all come and see our home and we’ll have a cookout and play some bluegrass music!

We are excited about getting ourselves immersed in a church ministry again.  We can’t wait to get to know all of you better and begin to truly minister to you all.  Thank you for your faith in us and in what God can do through us.

Pastor Guy Stockslager with the children

Pastor Guy Stockslager with Patrick Henry Homes literature

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  1. […] and wants to get to know everyone. He welcomes calls, emails, and contacts from the community. Read more of his biography Contact Information: Guy and Sue Stockslager 198 Royal Ridge Circle Rustburg, VA 24588 (434) [610-9859]